The Importance of Creating a Website for your Restaurant


Creating a website for your restaurant is one of the first things that should be done before any social media accounts are made. This is the first step in developing your brand image and getting the word out about your restaurant.

Brand Image

This will mostly be the first impression a potential customer will have of your restaurant. It allows you to tell the story about your restaurant and how it all started. This is a great place to include high quality photos of the food and drinks your restaurants offer. Another great thing to do here is share pictures of your staff such as the manager and lead chef.

Improve Search Rankings

By applying SEO to your site it will improve rankings when someone searches up a certain restaurant. It is more likely to pop up when a potential customer is searching. 


Advertising is very pricey and building a website is an affordable way to get the word out about your restaurant. 

Keep Guests Informed

Maybe during a certain season your’e closed however many days or your hours change, it’s smart to keep guests informed about these updates so they don’t show up when you’re closed. There also could be an update to the menu that people need to see. It’s important to keep guests informed and kept in the loop of what’s occurring at the restaurant.

Helps with promoting other services

If your restaurant has enough capacity to host events and parties it’s important to write that on the website. Along with that, catering packages should be posted on the website so the potential customers know what type of food and how much everything is priced.

People can browse your menu

Many people like to browse the menu before entering a restaurant just to get an idea of what they serve and what they would be in the mood for eating. Keep updated pictures of the menu so when someone comes in they expect to see the same copy and not be disappointed. Make sure the menu is available on a mobile device if someone looks up your restaurant on their phone.

Enable and highlight customer reviews

By showing customer reviews on your website you’re allowing potential customers to hear about other customers’ experiences at your restaurant. This is an excellent way to bring in new customers with the help of other customers’ reviews.

Online Ordering

Enable online ordering right from your website– this is becoming more popular as online ordering sales are increasing. 

Create an Events Calendar Page

This will allow customers to see upcoming events at the restaurant. Some of the special events include a live band, dinner and a show, medium/psychic, magician, bingo night, trivia night, etc. These events will also bring more people into a restaurant.

Sell Gift Cards

You can sell gift vouchers online that can get linked to the customer’s phone number or email address making it easily accessible so customers don’t have to go to the restaurant in person just to receive one.

Booking Reservations Online

This allows potential customers to easily make a reservation without the hassle of calling. The link will be on the website making it easily accessible for a potential customer to book a reservation depending on the party size. 

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