Make the most of the millennial market


The millennial market is booming with the new things they incorporate and require when they go out to eat and it’s not just speedy service.

Social media

Invest in content; the biggest platform to reach them is Instagram. Posting professional pictures of the food and drinks will captivate customers to want to come in and try it. Posting the happy hour menu, drink, and food item specials of the week, as well as sharing events that will be occurring at the restaurant is great to share on all social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook.

Word of Mouth

A powerful review for a millennial is from a customer that has already been to the restaurant over a food critic or blogger.

Free Wifi

Offering free wifi at your restaurant is a great idea because many people are still working even when they’re out of the office. It’s also good for when parents come with children and they go on their iPads to stay distracted. 

Digital Technology

Having the right technology for millennials is key. 

Apple pay is a must-have to add to your restaurant. Nowadays people don’t bring in cards or hold cash on them. Everything they need is on their phone.

A must-have is food pickup and delivery apps; sometimes people are lazy but still want to eat from your restaurant. Merging with uber eats or door dash is a great incentive for millennials so they don’t have to physically go to the restaurant but they can still have your food.

Lastly, an iPad POS is great for restaurants that want to ensure their customers are getting exactly what they want. With the POS system, they have access to see what the food likes and put it in exactly how they want with a memo button just in case things need to be changed for a certain reason such as allergies.

Serving Healthy

Millennials want to know what they’re eating, where it came from, and how it was produced. In addition, they want to know how many calories and grams of fat that are in the one dish they’re eating. They look for organic, environment-friendly, local, and cruelty-free ingredients at restaurants.

Embrace the dine-in experience

Millennials want more than the food they ordered. They want an experience. Today, it’s not just the food that has to taste good, there has to be a great ambiance. Be the restaurant that stands out from the crowd, and has unique decor, live music, or emphasis on your food or drink presentations. Stand out from the rest.

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