Ideas for summer restaurant events and promotions


Everyone enjoys those summertime events and deals where they can go to a restaurant and just relax with no worry in the world. Create events and promotions your guests can enjoy all summer long!

Live Music

Now, this is a given. Everyone enjoys live music and bringing in local bands or singers to perform will get a crowd overflowing into your restaurant. 

Limited Edition Menu Items

Create a limited edition menu including food and drinks that are perfect for lunch, brunch, and dinner some may include a summer salad with watermelon or strawberries or a frozen and Miami vice! Frozen drinks are perfect to add to a summer drink menu! Nowadays, if it’s an Instagram-worthy picture awaiting, it will most definitely draw a crowd into your restaurant! 

Takeout Picnic Baskets

These can be available for purchase for a family, friends, or a couple to bring to the beach or park to create memories over a bottle of wine with some fruit, cheese, and crackers!

Organize events on your patio

Host sports-watching parties and set up TVs from every angle so every guest can enjoy a view at your restaurant. Offer beer or wine tastings so guests can enjoy an array of options. Hold a family, friends, or couple arts and crafts night! And lastly, create a dance party atmosphere where people can get up and have a great time!

End-of-summer giveaway

This can include some merchandise items that you have a lot left over such as a hat or sweatshirt!

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