Creative Ways for Restaurants to boost sales for July 4th


As many people know, many people will choose to stay home and bbq on the fourth of July with friends and family. However, what’s better than being with friends and family on the fourth of July? Not cooking the entire day away and going to a fun and festive restaurant!

It’s best to get the word out to customers early and promote your menu to the public and what activities will be occurring.

Things to offer:

Festive Menus

Create a unique drink menu for your customers that will entice them to come in and drink the day away!

Some options you can choose from are a white sangria, blueberry margarita, firework shot, red berry mojito, etc.

Host a firework show

Hire a professional person to host a firework show for your customers and designate a certain time they will be taking place so your customers can reserve a table around the allotted time.

Decorate and allow your staff to dress up

Make the day fun and decorate your restaurant in red white and blue and allow your customers to dress up in headbands, necklaces, and makeup. 

Be kid-friendly

Encourage families to come in even with young children and hand out red white and blue toys, small flags, or even stickers for them to play with and wave around. 

Get a live band

Nothing gets people running through your restaurant doors than a live band. Get people singing and dancing and enjoying their time at your restaurant.

Post on social media

Design posts in June promoting your special day planned for July 4th at your restaurant, to let people know that your restaurant will be hosting exciting events and to get the word out early.

Create a fixed-price menu

Create a menu with a designated price for lunch and dinner that allows appetizers, entrees, and desserts all included. This will entice customers to come to join in on the good eats and fun that your restaurant has to offer.

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