Digital Marketing Strategies that will Benefit you in your Restaurant


Implementing strategies from the beginning of your digital marketing take off for your restaurant is the smartest thing to do. It will benefit your restaurant by putting steps in place so it doesn’t become a big mess.

Social media

It’s very important to be active on social media accounts and to post weekly. THis will increase exposure and traffic. It will also help to start developing loyal and supporting customers and improve search ranking as well as generate leads.

Create social media accounts on all platforms to get your restaurant known by the customers and then post engaging content. Some options to post are professional pictures of the food you serve–it will help bring in customers, and many people like seeing what they offer instead of just reading a description of the food off the menu.

Run contests and keep the people engaged– you could give away gift cards or even apparel with the restaurants name on it

Different Marketing Strategies

There are many different marketing strategies to implement, below are some:

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is hard to come by but once there, the customers will be swarming in. A way to do this is post tikik toks of your restaurant, the employees, the food, etc; is the latest sensation.

Email marketing

Create a monthly newsletter to encourage customers to come back to the restaurant– you can create a link for your website to have customers subscribe to the newsletter.

SMS Marketing

Send an SMS through text message to customers telling them about the latest events occurring, anything we were offering new in the week, or even coupons.

Content Marketing

It will Increase visibility for your brand. Build lasting relationships with your customers and boost brand awareness, brand recognition as well as build credibility and authority.

Influencer Marketing

There are many local food influencers– try reaching out to someone in your area and allowing them to eat for free, in exchange maybe they could post about your restaurant.

Video Marketing

You can take videos of the chefs creating a meal to perfection. Also, you can take a video of events that take place at your restaurant such as bridal showers, birthday parties, etc (with the guests approval).

Ways to Boost your SEO

  • Create a blog on your website 
  • Make sure every page on your website utilizes local keywords and other forms of SEO coding
  • Use both internal and external links 
  • Create a google my business account

Expand your Opportunities

Work with other local businesses and that doesnt mean restaurants, it could be hotels for example. They could recommend your restaurant to guests when they check in to the hotel

Many times, restaurants even collaborate with sports teams. You can have the picture of the team framed and put up in your restaurant to display that you support them.

Offer loyalty programs to your customers. These will keep people coming back to the restaurant. You can send them a text or email about specials of the week, events going on, or even send something special for their birthday like if they come in they can receive a free dessert.

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