Case Study

Toma-tis Vegan Restaurant & Grill

Long Island local takeout restaurant streamlines online presence and services -saves money and hours per day.

Yvonne Levy, the owner of Toma-tis, has always been committed to serving healthy and delicious food, but she was concerned that her website was holding her back. Yvonne found that managing her website and GMB was more than she could handle. She had trouble keeping up with updates, information was getting lost and outdated, and customers were confused and going to the wrong location or calling the wrong numbers. She needed help!

Restauble helped us through our busy schedule to fix our broken online presence. Now I have a professional online presence that accurately reflects my restaurant, and I am proud of it. I finally feel like I have a partner who’s on my side

-Yvonne Levy, the owner of Toma-tis

Yvonne needed someone who could consolidate all of her restaurant’s online services into one easy-to-use website, keep it updated and accurate, and manage all their other digital marketing efforts, saving her headaches and restoring the time she previously needed to focus on her cuisine. 

When Toma-tis reached out to Restauble, we were happy to help. We created a beautiful website for them that we manage fully, keeping it up-to-date with the latest information about their menu, events and promotions, location details, photos from events and more!

Toma-tis Vegan Restaurant & Grill is a Caribbean vegan restaurant in Elmont, NY that has been operating since 2016. In just a few years, they’ve grown from a small, local restaurant to being featured on Newsday and the Donna Drake Show.

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